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2005 Dodge Dakota 4.7 Shaky Idle when warmed up (No CEL)

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I just bought my 2005 Dodge Dakota 4.7 couple months ago and I have been going through it to make it a little reliable truck when I need to haul stuff in the bed.

I am noticing somewhat of a rough idle after the truck comes up to warm temps, before that it idles fine. The truck doesn't throw any CEL's or stall, I can just feel it when sitting at a light (regardless if in drive or neutral). I have done the following since I got the truck few months ago.

  • Changed Oil/Filter
  • Flushed Coolant
  • Replaced Sparkplugs (NGK V-Power Copper top, gapped to 0.040)
  • Replaced Evap Solenoid
  • Seafoam cleaning through intake.
  • Fully cleaned throttlebody.
  • Smoke Tested (No leaks detected)
  • Replaced EGR Valve
Other than the idle, truck seems to run fine at WOT and gets up to speed easy.

The only thing that I am noticing is that on 02 Bank 1 Sensor 1, it looks very jaggedy while 02 on Bank 2 Sensor 1 looks smooth. Here is the picture.

Could I have a 02 Sensor that is going out?

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What are your long-term fuel trims? I noticed you posted short-term but these re-learn trims and can be misleading. Long-term should remain steady and tell us if you have a lean or rich condition. I realize you don't have a CEL but let's make sure it isn't another problem.

Good luck and keep us posted.
Interesting data point; cars at startup, cold, are rich by design, at about the time it reaches normal operating temperature fuel normalizes to the famous 14.7:1 air to fuel ratio. If the truck seems fine cold, and rough idle returns at operating temperature, we very well may have a fuel trim issue. Assuming this is correct - the fuel trim readings cold and hot - might reveal in which direction to go. Keep us posted.
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I just checked long-term fuel trims and they are flat on both banks.

When I check the timing at idle, it just bounces between 10-18, it's super sparatic. Giving it any throttle or keeping the idle up keeps it steady. It's just super puzzling. Not sure what else to check besides maybe swapping one of the lower o2 sensors and putting it on Bank 1 upper since the 2 upstream sensors and the lower right are the same. Take the lower right and swap it into upper bank 1. It drives fine, it's just the idle that bothers me.
Does flat mean zero, or there abouts?
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