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2005 Dodge Dakota 4.7 Shaky Idle when warmed up (No CEL)

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I just bought my 2005 Dodge Dakota 4.7 couple months ago and I have been going through it to make it a little reliable truck when I need to haul stuff in the bed.

I am noticing somewhat of a rough idle after the truck comes up to warm temps, before that it idles fine. The truck doesn't throw any CEL's or stall, I can just feel it when sitting at a light (regardless if in drive or neutral). I have done the following since I got the truck few months ago.

  • Changed Oil/Filter
  • Flushed Coolant
  • Replaced Sparkplugs (NGK V-Power Copper top, gapped to 0.040)
  • Replaced Evap Solenoid
  • Seafoam cleaning through intake.
  • Fully cleaned throttlebody.
  • Smoke Tested (No leaks detected)
  • Replaced EGR Valve
Other than the idle, truck seems to run fine at WOT and gets up to speed easy.

The only thing that I am noticing is that on 02 Bank 1 Sensor 1, it looks very jaggedy while 02 on Bank 2 Sensor 1 looks smooth. Here is the picture.

Could I have a 02 Sensor that is going out?

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If you pull the O2 sensor just replace it.
May as well while it’s out.

I have a 2000 Dakota Quad 4.7 Auto
Only 30,000 miles. That’s right 30,000!
On the way home from a 500 trip towing a boat I got a check engine code. Crank sensor!
Changed the sensor and it got rid of the problem.
I am telling you this because my truck also had a suspicious idle problem.
I did all of the diagnostics etc etc and nothing. No codes nothing.
Here’s the result now.
Since the failure resulting in the Crank sensor replacement the truck idles fine and the code has not returned.
There was no code and I had a bad idle. Nothing showed on anything. NOTHING!
So I drove it and lived with it until it finally showed itself.
Sometimes you just have to live with the Gremlin until it shows itself.
It took a year and about 6000 miles.
Things like this makes ya crazy.
Please let us know your final findings.
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