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2005 Dodge Dakota 4.7 Shaky Idle when warmed up (No CEL)

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I just bought my 2005 Dodge Dakota 4.7 couple months ago and I have been going through it to make it a little reliable truck when I need to haul stuff in the bed.

I am noticing somewhat of a rough idle after the truck comes up to warm temps, before that it idles fine. The truck doesn't throw any CEL's or stall, I can just feel it when sitting at a light (regardless if in drive or neutral). I have done the following since I got the truck few months ago.

  • Changed Oil/Filter
  • Flushed Coolant
  • Replaced Sparkplugs (NGK V-Power Copper top, gapped to 0.040)
  • Replaced Evap Solenoid
  • Seafoam cleaning through intake.
  • Fully cleaned throttlebody.
  • Smoke Tested (No leaks detected)
  • Replaced EGR Valve
Other than the idle, truck seems to run fine at WOT and gets up to speed easy.

The only thing that I am noticing is that on 02 Bank 1 Sensor 1, it looks very jaggedy while 02 on Bank 2 Sensor 1 looks smooth. Here is the picture.

Could I have a 02 Sensor that is going out?

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