Mileage:151779 M
Engine:4.7 Liter V8
Formerly a Canada-sold vehicle when new (Calgary, Alberta area), it was imported to Washington state in April of 2012 with approx 42,000 miles, and stayed in that area until I bought it from a small used car lot in Puyallup, Washington in November of 2020. At that time it had around 147,000 on the odometer. It now has an odometer reading of 151,779 miles. (I have confirmed that the odometer was changed from showing 'kilometers' to 'miles' when it was imported to the U.S., and the odometer reading was adjusted downward accordingly at that time - I've got the documentation.)

The pickup is equipped with: 4.7 liter V8 (not the HO version, AFAIK), 5-speed automatic trans; -wheel drive; Tow Package; Spray-in bedliner; SLT interior trim; PS; PB; PW; PL; Power driver's seat; Power mirrors; Air conditioning; Factory AM / FM / 6-CD in-dash changer; Accessory power outlet with 3 USB ports; Tilt steering wheel;TRX4-Off Road-specific alloy wheels (16") P245/70R16 M+S tires, all showing 11/32nds tread remaining.

The truck is not 'perfect', show a small amount of bumps and bruises, all done prior to my ownership.(See photos). It runs and drives fine, but as with almost any vehicle this age, it has some things that need attention. Those things are:
1. Transmission leak. Can't see any drips on my driveway, but I DO have to add a quart of ATF+4 fluid occasionally. Level should be checked every other fill-up or so.....
2. Power steering Rack & Pinion seal leak. According to my mechanic shop, you have to replace the whole R&P unit. frankly, I don't notice any problem at all with the power steering system, and don't see any drips on my driveway. Just check the reservoir once in a while......
3. Brief valve-train clatter on start-up in the morning. To avoid this, I kick the starter 3 times without starting. This gets oil up to the top of the engine.
4. Fog lamps inoperative. Haven't checked out the issue, but it's not just burned-out bulbs
5. Center console lid latch broken
6. Rear seat headrests (2) missing
I've got a lot more pics. Only 10 allowed here......

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