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When replacing rear shoes on my 2006 Quad cab 4x4 with the 11 1/2 inch drums, I found something unexpected. This is the first time these shoes have been replaced so they all the factory paint spots ands such. After taking off the main spring, the adjuster spring, the return spring at the bottom, and the retaining clips on the shoes themselves, there was still a spring behind the shoes which I could not take off without taking the shoes completely off. it had coils on both sides and had to be turned to slide the hook out from the very narrows slots.
The reason for this thread is that nowhere can I find that spring on any diagrams.
Only place had even a clue was Tech Authority that stated that during a service procedure, the shoes with the starwheel adjuster, emergency brake arm, and shoes get installed as a unit. I believe that is the ONLY way that the spring can be installed.
So the real question is - why is this spring there and if it is only assembly aid can I leave it off and install the shoes like I've always done (which, by the way is the way most all the manuals say to do it?)
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