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I bought my '09 TRX4 w/the 4.7L engine brand new off the dealer's lot in the fall of '09. The only non-OEM item on the truck I ever did was to use a K&N air filter element. A week after buying this new truck, I took off the truck's single exhaust system muffler, measured up my pipe diameters into and out of the muffler, sketched up an S-bend straight pipe to take the place of the muffler and went to my local muffler shop to bend up this pipe for me. I wound up having to go to several muffler shops until I found one that stocked a length of the rather odd 2-3/4" diameter pipe. In the 14 years I've owned this truck, I've replaced that pipe several times due to rust out. This last time, I decided to buy a replacement tailpipe assembly as my OEM tailpipe was finally getting pretty rough. The tailpipe I ordered at NAPA was advertised as being an "exact fit for a 2009 Dakota TRX4 w/4.7L engine." However, it didn't look quite right. I had the counterman measure the diameter of the inlet of the new tailpipe and it was only 2-1/2" dia., not 2-3/4" like my original tailpipe, as well as like the muffler in/out dia's and the exit of the main exhaust pipe upstream of the muffler, all of which remain the original OEM exhaust parts the truck was "born with" in 2009.

I don't know why NAPA claims a 2-1/2" dia tailpipe is correct for this truck. Is it possible Dodge changed from a 2-1/2" single exhaust system to a 2-3/4" single exhaust system as a late '09 running change on TRX4's? Does anyone know where I can get a legitimate 2-3/4" inlet diameter replacement tailpipe assy? Thanks to all who can help. One option I'm considering is buying that 2-1/2" dia. NAPA tailpipe and getting the inlet end opened up to 2-3/4". I wouldn't expect the small 1/4" diameter reduction of that size tailpipe would have much of an effect on overall performance being that far downstream of the engine....
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