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2h won't work

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Hey all, I have a '94 dakota 3.9 L. and I just had a backyard mechanic "fix" my Transfer case. It works fine in 4h and 4l but in 2h it just makes a whirring, grinding noise and wont move. I've tried adjusting the linkage lots of times and tried disengaging the linkage and shifting it right from the t-case. Still won't work. Do you think it is damaged inside the t-case ?
The original repair was from when the rear drive shaft fell out and things got smashed apart inside the t-case. Could have been from trying to pull off the hwy by using 4h with no rear shaft. Made lots of ugly noises. I'm not exactly sure what was all replaced inside, had to put in a new casing as well because it broke from the chains smashing it I believe. I don't think the forks were replaced so im wondering if that could be the problem. No noises when in 4H OR 4L.
thanks for any help!
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