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Hi All,
I have a 94 dakota, 3.9L, V6, RWD, daily driver. The automatic transmission is a 42RH per the dodge shop manual and is stock and was overhauled several years ago. I noticed yesterday a sudden change in that the shifting pattern has changed to a spongy or sluggish action. Its not as crisp as it was before. The engine is not revving higher than normal but I have to step on the gas more now on hills. Most notably, going up hills i normally travel on, I had to floor it to keep a decent speed, the engine was NOT revving, and its coolant got warmer than normal until i got back on level driving and in cooled back down. Even though I had the shifter in Low gear, it felt like it was not in Low and the engine was straining. In neutral the engine revs good.

Fluid is ATF+4, and is clean/red and at the correct level while in neutral on flat grade.

Any thoughts?
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