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I have an opportunity to purchase a small/light gooseneck camper trailer. Verified empty trailer weight is 3600lbs, 21’ long, and it is only 7’ wide. Max allowed weight of trailer is 4500lbs. I’d like to fill trailer up to 4000-4200 lbs when pulling. The trailer pin weight is 680 lbs. The place I’m purchasing it from states if they install a quality gooseneck connection in the bed of my 89 convertible, it can handle the weight.

5 speed, recently rebuilt 3.9 and throttle body, running strong, new brakes, new trailer brake controller, new wiring for 7 pin connector, new radiator, water pump, hoses, belts, etc.

What do you think? Has anyone done a gooseneck or 5th wheel set up in a gen 1?

What kind of weight are you pulling behind your Gen 1s now?

Any experience you can share is appreciated.

I think I’d be ok on short trips but I’ll be making long trips. do you think pu could handle long trips?
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