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I had some thoughts on this whole 5 lug for the front of our 91+ 4x4 trucks.

I put a 8.75 in my rear, great so I have 5 lug in the back. Now for the front..

I see that the 1990 and under 4x4 have the same setup as the 91+.

With a few exceptions, the axle bearing/hub looks a tad different, has a round plate vs our square and the hub back wall doesn't fit into our big circle as deep.

Will it fit? Maybe. I'm gonna find out soon as I'm junkyard hunting for an older Dakota I can do science with. I just don't like that it doesn't fit into our spindle as deep as stock ones.

If one googles 2005 and under Dodge Caravan, you'll see that wheel bearing / hub assembly looks awfully a lot like ours but has a 26 spline hub and ours has a 31 spline but has the 5x4.5 bolt pattern..

Now, from what I've seen, the 1990 and under Dak's have a 26 spline CV axle. I'm in process of getting one of those and theoretically it "should" bolt up into my truck, and "should" fit the 05' Caravan hub.

If that all fits together, then I may have found a solution to our 4x4 front lug problem. I'll get back to everyone shortly, unless someone already found a promising solution, but I my google fu skills fell short on finding anything.

I really like these rims so I'd like to put them on the front..

As I've been restoring my 96 Dakota, I've come to realize that absolute lack of parts available for these trucks. I wanted a beefier coil over type front shock for mine since I plow, and it will help with the weight on the front end vs being 100% on the torsion bars. I found a set of Bronco / Ford 150 ones that fit perfectly. Only thing needed modified was the lower bolt hole needed drilled out a few thousands, just a hair bigger and our 1/2" bolt went right through. Same fitment as stock shocks.
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