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91 Dakota-keeps blowing ASD fuse-help

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Hi, new here. I have a 91 Dakota, 318,4x4 auto. The problem(newest) is that it will idle down too slow when coming to a stop (500 rpm or less ) and then die. It blows the auto shutdown fuse when it does this. It sucks slowing down with one foot on the throttle and one on the brake to keep it from stalling. Also,the motor surges sometimes while driving...fuel???...electrical???
I've checked the fuel pump/ECM three wire factory splice under the fuse box, moved the fuel pump ground off of the drivers fender directly to the neg on the battery. Checked the O2 sensor wiring for shorts ( was told that this will cause an ASD fuse blow )
I'm thinking it may be one of the following.
Throttle position sensor
Pickup coil
or the fuel pump itself ( maybe on its way out...drawing too many amps )
Anyone run into this issue before. Help
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Oh...more to this. I notice lately that the tach will either fluctuate or quit altogether.
Truck has new cap,rotor,wires,plugs, fuel filter.
Does anyone know what the the fuel pump pressure should be. I'm going to put a gauge on the throttle body fuel line ( throttle body, not injected )
More info...

Changed the fuel pump ( that was fun )...no difference.
your issue is probably in the harness going into the fuse box. theres a joint in there were 3 red with white tracer wires are soldered into two wires. this joint is known for corroding and causing no start and such. ill try to find the joint number for you.
Thanks Niebs...but I checked that splice...it was good. I've opened up the wiring harness to the ECM and the fuel pump( the components the three wire splice feed) and they looked good.
I'm going to try the TPS next and then the pick up coil.
I'm going to put in a 20 amp auto reset circut breaker in the meantime...at $5.00 a fuse ( J3 ), its starting to add up.
Have I mentioned how much I detest electrical gremlins.
damn i was hoping that was it. illl have to see if a can find an electrical schematic and see if a can pin point a possible short.
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