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First off this truck is a beater, respray all black with bondo cracking, so not a show truck. It's used for picking up 42" riding mowers in the bed and larger on a trailer once in a blue moon. The ass does sag with a 42" mower in the bed and a tool box with ~150lbs(now empty) leaving the front end high in the air. Weighed 3700lbs on scrap yard scales with tools, half tank, and myself.

I do however love the old 2.5 (23mpg mixed hard driving) as I've had 6 and have a couple jeeps now with them. Already swapped out the rear 3.55 with a 3.92 open and added a 16mm rear sway bar with metal links. New KYB shocks.

What Im sitting on is a 34mm front sway bar (28mm now) I grabbed today, new front sway links, tie rod end links, control arms bushings and ball joints up and down.

THE BIG QUESTION is what appears to be a Belltech 2/3" or 3/4" spring/block drop I pulled from a yard over a year ago. The coils are ~19mm thick, 7 coils counting from beginning of coil down and measure 13" tall uncompressed. The rear aluminum blocks measure 2 and 5/8" slopped to 3 and 1/4". So I've measured front bump stop to frame at ~2.5" and rear spring to frame (no bump stop) at 7".

What size drop am I sitting on and troubles am I looking at if I do it? I ask because once
I tear this front end apart Im not going back in to drop or bring it back up breaking all the new joints boots.

Thanks in advance.

EDIT: I'll add that I like to make up for my slow acceleration in the turns :) + head work, and maybe laughing gas or things that spin fast in the future.
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