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HVAC Control issues. Where do I start?

2000 Dak. The air is icy but the control is gotten worse to non-functional. 2 problems.

#1- All air wants to blow only out of the windshield defrost. I use to be able to move the control switch around, and could eventually get it to blow out the dash vents. Has gotten progressively worse, now to the point of no control.

#2- When the a/c is first turned on the fan will blow on high, but within 10-15 mins. has cut its self down to hardly blowing at all. Some days would be fine, others worse. At times, I could come to a complete stop, turn the truck off for a gas fill or run inside a store, come back and it starts blowing again.

After 40 something days of 100+ degrees the heat is finally starting to kick my ass! :eek: Have GOT to get this fixed. What do I need to check or what needs to be replaced?

Your input is greatly appreciated
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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