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I am new to the site and have a question about my A/C in my 96 Dakota. The compressor works, the system is charged, all the vacuum actuators are working, but there is no cold air coming out of the vents. I am guessing that my issue may be a clogged line keeping cold air out of the cab or the condenser is bad. Can anyone help me before I forget what parts went where.

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If you have it set to a/c, the blower is on and the compressor clutch is
engaged, it has to be low on freon. How do you know it is charged?

Did you take it to an A/C place to have a pressure reading on the high
Just because the compressor appears to be turning (and it's pulley
is driven by the serpentine belt..but only active when the compressor clutch
on the front of it kicks in)....doesn't mean there is enough
freon (R134a) in it to create cold air. It may need to be leak tested.

It's too complicated to make any accurate diagnosis based on just
feeling the air coming out.

It could have a slow leak in the compressor seals, the hoses(spring lock couplers on the tubing),
the evaporator unit,(it's inside the cab besides the heater core), the condensor unit on the front of the rad,
the A/C (compressor clutch) relay not operating, ..and a low pressure switch
on the accumulator/drier unit that cycles the compressor clutch,
....or just low on gas (the usual case),
as automotive systems tend to leak because of their design to be removable.

I had a similar problem on my '98 dakota about 5 years ago.
Had to put almost 2 lbs of freon (R134a) in it to get it to cool.
Yes the compressor was cycling, but it just didn't blow any cold air.
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