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so i run a race team that fields a 96 dakota with a crazy built 2.5. at our last race we sheared off the flywheel bolts. i prefer not to put junkyard parts in, but nobody makes the flywheel anymore and it got damaged when this happened. so i looked at jeep flywheels for the 2.5. they are identical with the exception of the extra holes drilled in the dakota version where the pressure plate mounts. so what i am trying to figure out is if i can swap to the jeep version of the flywheel, jeep version of the pressure plate and put it all back together. flywheel has same number of notches in the same location, same number of teeth. clutch plates for the 2 have the same diameter. only difference i can tell between them is the pressure plate. anybody had to fool with this? i cant think of any reason they would have used 99% the same parts but then swapped out the pressure plate only...
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