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So I bought my 2000 dakota about six months ago and ever since it has been a constant battle with one thing or the next. in the six months i've had it, i've had to replace the power steering pump, water pump, thermostat, plugs and wires, distributor cap and rotor, idler pulley, leak detection pump and purge valve, along with fixing some of the wiring in the truck. basically, the kid that owned it before me let the thing go to hell. all he cared about was his fresh paint job and his aftermarket stereo (which he wired in himself, and horribly wrong). But i'm proud to say that almost all problems are resolved, especially since i've done ALL the work myself. Here's whats left:

As the title states, my abs and brake warning lights are on and i have no cruise control. the first conclusion everyone jumps to is the VSS. Let me save you the time. replaced. The next seems to be the rear wheel cylinders. I replaced the entire rear braking system, including the rear wheel cylinders. And i've ruled out pinhole leaks as well. Trust me when i say my brake system is sealed up tighter than a frog's @$$hole. in the last two thousand miles, the brake fluid hasn't dropped one mm.

so here's what i'd like to know. i've read on this forum that there's a way of grounding out a pin on the abs module to get a flash code. I'd really like to do this to see what kind of message i'd get. i'm aware i should take it to a stealership and just get the codes run, but i don't want to do this for several reasons. one, i live in philly and not even the stealerships know what the hell they're talking about, and that's even if they're trying to be honest, which the chances are one in a million. the other reason is that as i've said, this kid messed up the wiring with the stereo bad enough that he took down the instrument panel and the headlights with it. you have to go out of your way to do that. and deep down i'm afraid he messed something up with the wiring and even if i take it to get the code run, it'd give a false code anyway and they'd just be giving me a wrong answer without even knowing it and i'd be chasing ghosts. I rather chase ghosts on my own dime than go drop a hundo on lies. lastly, i'm aware it could be my abs module, as that seems to be a relatively common issue also, but before i spend the $130 to get it remanned, i'd like to verify.

is there anyone that's gotten the code via grounding before? any advice would be much appreciated. if someone has a smart phone, i'd really appreciate a pic or two also. I saw another thread that gives the crude flash code descriptions, but it isn't super clear about how to actually ground it out, aka which pin on which connector.

Thanks guys
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