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The fuel pump and the injector seemed to take care of about 80% of the rough idle but it seemed like it should be better than that. The CEL was gone and didn't return no matter what conditions it was driven in. All was well until I was on the downward leg of a trip of about 750 miles to Dallas. As had happened before, a couple miles down the interstate after I filled the tank, the CEL returned with a vengeance. Took it back to Pablo who found that the battery terminal had split and was fairly loose. Fixed that but the light returned shortly thereafter. Since the engine didn't show any distress except the occasional slight rough idle when the light was on, I decided to drive it until something broke. The codes were still the same or worse when the light was on. And then the light went off. The codes were clear. Nothing different had happened in any way. Fuel, temperature, driving conditions, nothing. ?????

After a while, it came back on again. No change in the truck. Performance, mileage (about 19.3 average) all the same. The codes were run and they were the same: bad misfire, truck is on fire, will detonate soon...RUN!! And then it went away for no notable reason. 10,000 miles later and that is still the maddening routine. I have made a couple discoveries.

One of my handicaps is not knowing the quality of all the work that went into the truck by the previous owners is unknown to me. I don't know if all the stuff previous to the very capable airplane mechanic had been done under a tree by a rhesus monkey with a head wound or the local dealership (but I repeat myself). All the stuff may have been replaced but were they quality parts? It seems like it was hit or miss. I pulled a couple spark plugs and although they were right, the cheapo plug wires didn't impress me. A large perhaps was that both the plugs had been gapped @ .035 (like every other Mopar motor since 1812) but the manual says .040 for the 3.9. A full regap and a better set of wires are in it's future. Another thing I have found is that the cooling system may not be pressurized. I get a lot of internal "waterfall" sounds after the key is turned off. It may have the incorrect radiator cap. Again, no adverse effects.

I haven't been driving it much but am going to start again soon. Will address the minor problems above and get back here if anything happens.

Thanks for asking.
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