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Autocross - Meet in the Mountains 2016 (June 11th)

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Registration for Autocross is open. It will take place during the car/truck show (June 11th).

This event is $50 per person or $75 for couples.
We must pay to rent the lot and pay insurance for this event.


This event is a lot of fun. We look forward to it all year!

Some important information about the Autocross:

  • This will NOT be an SCCA event.
  • Safety is NUMBER 1!
  • There will be waivers signed (Insurance requirement).
  • If anyone gets stupid, they're done. No do-overs!
  • Drivers and riders must have Snell rated helmets. They can not be motorcycle rated and must have a 2000 or newer rating.
  • Seatbelts are required for drivers and riders. Factory equipment is fine.
  • This event will be run similar to most autocross events.
  • Everyone participating will have to help run the event. While one group runs another group will work the cones....on and on.
  • Members with experience are more than welcome to help out with track set-up, etc. Ride along instruction always helps, especially with newbies.
  • We will need help in tech early in the morning.
  • Tech items - brief inspection - battery secure, no floor mats or anything else loose in the interior, good brake pedal, seatbelts, helmets.........
Other Info

  • Do not do any burnouts in the stadium parking lot!
  • Those participating in autocross need to help with cones when they aren't running the course.
  • We must clean up after ourselves. We can not leave trash in the parking lot. The baseball team has a home game that afternoon.
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