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Bigger wheels and tires?

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Im looking to get bigger tires for my dakota it says that the stock tires size is 235/75R15 can i put anything bigger on it not worried about fuel consumption got terrible gas milage already plus im going to delete the muffler soon as well but i am wanting to get bigger tires and maybe 2 inch spacers.
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What type of tires are you planning to buy?
You can fit 31x10.5 if you get a leveling kit. Had those on my 93 sport stock height, and a 94 v8 4x4 all I needed was to turn the torsion bars up.
just bought an 07 Laramie 4x4 and wanted to see what y'all have done to fit 33x 12.5 tires. Yes I understand I'll have to trim some and possibly get spacers but money really isn't an issue just don't want to spend more then a few grand on it. I live on the east coast of NC and all I do is drive to work and home and on weekends take it, well hopefully take it after I lift it, out on the beach and fish. This is my first Dakota and just really want to enjoy my truck. All help please because I would like to get a move on this truck within a few months. I was thinking about 2.5in blocks in front and 1in the back and maybe a 1-2in body if I can find a body lift that small, all I seem to find is 3in body lift and I have a ram with a 3in body and didn't really like the gap between tailgate and back bumper. If I have to I will but I'm hoping to find a suspension lift. Also I have a 3.55 rear and eventually if I do put 33s on it, what gearing should I go with? I will not do any rock crawling nor I'll barley take it mudding. Also if I were to get 33s I would go with 20x10, what back spacing should I go with? View attachment 2462
Thanks guys.
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07kotafanatic. The amount of money you spend will depend on wether you install the lift yourself or hire a shop to do the work. 1-2 inch body lifts in general exist, however, you may not find a kit specifically for the Dakota, but it really does not have to be. The basics of a body lift is pucks and brackets. An inch of body lift is mild enough that I doubt you'll have to address anything major, although you may want to relocate the bumpers and make sure nothing is overextended or binding.

With a 33 inch tall tire, a 4.11 would be good. This would give your truck a bit of extra umph!

I might also suggest a 32" tall tire, instead of a 33". The size difference is minor, but a 32 is less likely to rub, you probably won't need the 1" body lift and if your off road use is minimal, you could keep your current 3:55s

Thank you for all that, so what lift should I get/ set up. I'll go with 32s but what width? And can I get away with a 2.5 front and 1in blocks I read. Or will my CV axles not like that. Just trying to have it where sand doesn't go everywhere and I can just "put" along on the sand.
You can fit 31x10.5 if you get a leveling kit. Had those on my 93 sport stock height, and a 94 v8 4x4 all I needed was to turn the torsion bars up.
What do you mean by turn the tortion bars up. See I just put 265 75 r16 on my 94 in the rear and they fit but I want to put 245 or a 255 in front and need to know if I need spacers or something so they do fit. My finances are tough right now so I'm looking for some cheap and easy
Louis.hollands, It's going to depend on wether your Dakota is 2wd or 4wd. There are no torsion bars on the 2 wheel drive Dakotas. The only way to lift them is by spacers. The spacers aren't too expensive, but you should have the front end realigned which will add to your costs. If you have a 4 wheel drive Dakota, you can crank the torsion bars and if you do it yourself won't cost you anything, but you will still need a realignment. Also I would suggest you don't go over 2 inches of lift, max. While it's possible to crank up to 3 inches of lift, it won't leave you any downward travel and the ride will be bad.

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