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LEER 100XL Truck Cap for Gen2 Quad-Cab Dakota 2000-2004
Asking $950
Stored in Northern Virginia / Washington DC Metro area
(sadly, our 02 Dakota is no longer with us - replaced with an 03 Durango)

This truck cap was originally fitted to a 2002 Dodge Dakota Quad Cab with a 5'3" (63") bed size.

The Gen2 Dakota Quad Cab with short bed was produced from 2000 to 2004.

It was made to order, matching the factory paint. The 2002 paint codes lead me to believe that this is a "Bright Silver Metallic" color. This is a rather neutral color that could complement your color if it doesn't match. It is clean - never stored outside neglected, faded, full of weeds and bugs. (seems odd people on CL post sales pictures of something that likely has raccoons living in it!)

This cap does not connect to the truck's interior. It does not mess with the back window. You can see all the way through when you drive (unless blocked by cargo, of course.) It sits separately on the bed and clamps securely with the four included clamps.

The gas-charged door holder struts work great - I replaced them a few years ago because the old ones were getting weak.

The manufacturer is LEER, which is a west-coast brand that might not be that common out here. I bought this in California back in 2004 and used it until a few years ago. It has never been in an accident and has never been stored outside. It was either on the truck or stored high up on a rope lift in the garage.

If you buy this, you might need a couple of things.

There's a 12V dome light and a recessed LED third brake light that you can wire up. I easily ran those wires myself when I got it. (having a factory tow package helps)

The original bed seal is all there but you might want to get a new one. You can also get a moulded plastic cover that goes on top of the tail gate to lock it with the glass door. One of the window latches needs to be glued to the glass - the glue just got old - nothing is broken.

LEER list these features on their web site:

Lined sound insulating interior
Dark tint glass
Recessed LED third brake light
Frameless curved glass rear door
Convenience light with switch
Locking push button handle lock
T-handle to open the rear door from the inside
Gas charged struts to hold the door open
Fiberglass base rails
Side windows with pop-out vents

Condition summary:
Looks great!
Paint is a clearcoat in great condition, has no fading, with only minor scratches consistent with age
There is no rear cab window seal to worry about since it does not touch the truck's cab.
The seals along the bed rails are intact
The moulding that goes on the top of the tail gate is not included.
I replaced the gas-charged struts a number of years ago.
One vent window works fine.
The other window might need the latch glued back on. I lived without fixing that for years.


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