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If you are having a rough idle or etc. You may want to clean your throttle body, I decided to do a little write up after doing mine!. (Dodge Dakota '01 3.9L V6


-8mm socket for the throttle cable brackets
-10mm socket for battery terminal disconnect
-13mm socket for the bolts on the top of the throttle body
-Adjustable Wrench to take off the air intake
-#25 Torx driver for your IAC, MAP, and TPS
-Any kind of throttle body cleaner
-3-4 Stiff toothbrushes
-Lots of shop towels
-Rubber Gloves
-Safety Gloves
-Replacement gasket (Part number:60958-1)

The Job

1. Disconnect Your Negative Battery Connection

2. Remove your Air Intake assembly (That black thing that is all plastic) Once removed you will see your throttle body

3. Now Disconnect all electrical connections from the Throttle Body (Three Total) Idle Air control cable on the 12-o-clock position, Throttle position sensor cable at the 3-o-clock position, and lastly your Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor cable at the 6-o-clock position

4. Disconnect your vacuum line located to the left of you MAP sensor

5.Disconnect your Throttle linkages (Three total) The far left outside one pulls towards the front bumper for disconnect, next is the connection just to the right that pull towards the passenger side, lastly the most inside one is pulled towards the rear bumper for disconnection

6. Now looking from the front bumper in remove the bolt on the left side of the throttle body, it attaches the bracket to the throttle body.

7. Remove your Four bolts located on top of your Throttle Body

8. Lift your throttle body up and you will see two bolts on the front portion of your throttle body still attaching it to the bracket, remove those.

9. Now using your torx remove all three senors from the throttle body

10. Clean away!



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