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Hey guys! I'm new to having a 4wd vehicle, but I understand the do's and don'ts, like do not drive in 4-HI on dry pavement, and so on. This problem just started up, and it may have something to do with the previous owners not servicing or using the 4WD. The truck was sitting for about 4 years after the owner had a stroke and became paralyzed.

The truck is a 2003 dodge dakota with the 4.7 v8. Its a manual.

I live in Washington, and a few days ago about a foot and a half of snow dumped down on us. I turned it into 4-HI and it drove fine, but here and there there was a weird sound. It kind of sounded like a branch was stuck and something was rubbing up on it. Then it started making a metallic clicking noise occasionally. Then it progressed to clicking full time in 4wd but not in 2h. So I switched kt over to 2h and just parked it until the roads cleared.
Next time I drove it, it started clicking in 2wd, but only when I was driving straight at a slow pace, like a parking lot. It didnt click on turns.

Now, you hear the click whenever you switch it to 4hi or back to 2wd, and it clicks almost non stop by until im driving about 35 mph +
It does it in neutral and when in gear, but not when idling.

Visually everything looks fine as far as axles and what not. What should I look for in the joints? The tie rod has some play and can be twisted but would that cause all the noise?
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