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hey guys i just purchased a 91 2.5 i4 manual dodge dakota and would currently like to get it moving a little quicker and sound a little meaner. I know i should probably swap for a 318 but i really don't have the money for that and a new transmission are there any mods I can make to my i4?

Also a friend of mine has been telling me that new intakes tb and injectors can be taken from a wrangler? but he has been known to speak without thinking.
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intake gut

You can take out silencer out of tube...remove grille block on airbox...remove flap inside box, and take off heater hose and block off ..or add a ram air tube as I did...it wasn't crazy power..but I felt a difference when I.tried to jam it..better than nothing
Intake, exhaust, and a throttle body spacer are all i plan on doing with mine. i have a 98 2.5L 5spd. wish they made turbo manifolds for the 2.5 because that would deff be on my to do list.
they COULD be made haha. now that would be different.
I don't think the TB from wrangler transfers....a header will fit though..but the wranglers have the amc 2.5, and 91-95 Dakotas have the Chrysler 2.5....we didn't get the amc till 96'
If you're trying to get horsepower on a budget, it's going to be tough. Sadly to get any worthwhile power out of the four banger, you need to spend money, and in the end, you'll still come up short and want to swap for the V8. But there are a few things you might be able to afford if you can wheel and deal. If you know people who build ricers, get with them. Many in those circles have dealt with getting power out of a four cylinder on a budget.
Basic speed parts aren't common for these engines so anything you do will have to be homemade. A header could be fabricated by a competent muffler shop for example. You could mill the head for higher compression. The biggest way to make power is a turbo. You might find a junk yard turbo so long as it was offered on another four cylinder engine. You can also get big but temporary power gains using nitrous oxide. There are several universal kits on the market. Consider that if you can get significant power from your four cylinder, you may have durability problems from the tranny.

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