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The armrest/pull handle on the driver's side door is loose on my 2005 Dakota making me afraid that I'll pull the panel completely loose someday. Is there a step by step or video of how to get in there and re-attach whatever comes loose in the door panel? I'm mildly mechanical, but I don't want to screw it up even more! :confused:
When you say arm rest/pull handle, do you mean the whole center of the door panel is loose? That happened a few weeks ago on my Dakota, come to find out the screw that was located in the middle broke off. Check the 2 screws; One located behind the little oval cover above your handle and also one down inside the little "change holder" I call it on the arm rest. Could just be a screw missing/damaged.

Just noticed this post is pretty old, hope you have it figured out! If not, here is how to remove the panel;

1. 4 Screws total. 1 behind the plastic oval cover above the handle, one in the change holder on the arm rest (that whole piece pops out when you unscrew it) and 2 along the bottom that go into your door.
2. Once everything is unscrewed, lift straight up and it'll come up from between the window and seal. Reach behind and disconnect the 3 groups of wires. Just push in the tabs and pull straight down
3. The metal bar that goes to your handle, push the plastic lock (towards the window I believe) and then lift the bar out of the hole. & there you go, panel is off. Check for screw damage or anything in there.

Just remember when putting the panel back on that the panel has to slide down along the window, so lift up and push down after everything is reconnected.
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