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I apologize up front for being long winded. I seem to have a bad habit of using 30 words when 2 will do.

I tried looking around & doing the advanced search and really didn't see someone with a similar issue... so, here goes

Before I had the engine replaced on my 2001 Dakota SLX (I hope I got the letters right) I would drive the truck approximately 3 miles-ish. Basically, to Walmart. The drive there, no problems (until the engine blew - different story), but when I start to drive back home, tops, 600 yards into running and the engine starts this boggy kind of misfire 'thing'. Needless to say I start getting pissy & run the thing without pulling over because I'm hard headed like that.

Well, here's the odd thing; it stops misfiring & chugging about 4 miles-ish down the road. Kind of does this weird, low toned 'pop', smooths out - no problems.

BUT, it NEVER does this when driving it anywhere else. I can drive it 4 blocks, let it sit for 10 minutes - no probs. Drive it for 4 hours, let it sit 10 minutes - again, no probs. But I drive this thing to Walmart, do my shopping for say 30-45 minutes & she craps out like I was talking about.

Here's an addition to the oddity, it does the same thing with the new engine. No where near as bad, but you can definitely tell it's there.

I mean is Walmart haunted? Does the truck have a momentary grudge with me for going to that store?

I'm leaning towards an ECM/PCM issue, but good god I have spent so much money on this thing w/ the new engine.

Any insight is without a doubt a great help. Thanks.
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