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Hello all,
I have a 96 dak w/ 5.2l v8 4x4, Automatic,engine was replaced two years ago, new radiator,alternator, battery, thermostat, starter all new fluids. oil changes every three thousand miles.
Just returned from a trip from Black River Falls to Oconomowoc, Wi hot day, (158 miles) engine running well, cruise control set at 65 mph, temp gauge right on the money in the middle never fluctuates, oil pressure from mid range to higher mid range. no air on windows open, got home and truck sat for about 1/2 hour went to start, no deal. acted like it was flooded. after several tries to get started finally got it going but it set a fault code P00118 (Radiator fluid temp high. reset code after several cycles check engine light went off, truck seems to run fine got 18 mpg on trip. Changed the oil ,will replace anti freeze, thermostat, and both sending units as just seems really really hot, heat felt thru firewall or floor boards.
Just wondering if anyone has any other ideas as to next step if stays that hot.
Any feedback welcome
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