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Engine shut off after hitting pothole while making left turn

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Hello, im john from Canada. I have a 1995 dakota with a 3.9l v6 automatic. While going around a corner i hit a bump or pothole, not a bad hit, but still a hit. All of a sudden i could not steer, realizing the engine was not running coasted over to side of road and thats where she remains. Engine turns over like crazy, almost to fast/easy, does not feel normal. Something is different. Please any suggestions? I love the truck. I must get it going again...
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Start with a compression check, based on the speed that the engine is turning over. If you're not getting compression, or very little compression, you may have something broken in the timing set, like the chain broke or slipped off the cam gear.
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Decades ago I got T-boned hard in my old LTD & it shutdown & wouldn't restart. I found that the impact must have jarred the primary coil wire (the small one) which was old & brittle and it broke at the terminal. But that didn't effect its cranking speed.
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