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Floods When Put In Gear 94 3.9L

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I have a 94 3.9L SLT Dakota. Recently the temperature has dropped to -10 F and I have started having issues with the engine on my dakota.

The engine will start and idle fine. After warming up and running for about 15 minutes if I try to put the truck into drive the engine will drop to a very low RPM and then eventually stall as soon as you touch the gas. After the engine stalls the truck acts like it is flooded. The engine will crank and not turn over. If you leave the truck sit for a while and then come back you can start it right back up and it will sit and idle.

I did notice that the morning this happened the truck smelled like it was running very rich. Any ideas or advice would be appreciated.

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couple of things i can think of, one the idle air control motor on the back of the throttle could be dirty which makes it hard for the pintle on it to move back and forth to let air in when you change gears or put a load on the engine while idling, cleaning it with some carb cleaner usually works. Another thing that i have had recent trouble with is my intake air temp. sensor. maybe try these
no check engine light i take it?
Thanks for your reply. I did see the check engine light on the other day when I started the truck and let it run for a while, but then the light has not come on since. The only code that I found was code 52 meaning that the engine has been running too rich for more than two minutes.

I have read a few things on this issue since my original post. One is as you mentioned, and the other has to do with the vacuum lines. I currently do have a vacuum leak, but have not had the time to locate the issue.

I am honestly waiting for the weather to improve here. It a bit too cold for me when I don't have a garage to work in. If I get a chance to tear into this and find the issue I will repot back. Until then any other input is appreciated.

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