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Hello from Utah. I recently picked up a 01 Dakota quad cab 4wd. 4.7 V8 , 165,000 miles.
Tell me all about em. Any things to look out for, sensors I should be replacing soon ?
I'll be towing a 6x10 V-nose cargo trailer with it on our longer vaca trips.
Here is some info from my previous post about these trucks:

Here is what I know.
I have two Dakota’s.
2000 manual 4 wd and 2001 4wd electric shift.
Unless something has changed the transmissions are flawed. The planetary gears are weak causing a failure.
I had the 2001 rebuild by my
transmission shop at 70000 miles.

The transmission has been great with 170000 on the truck now.

Another problem that may have been corrected is the loss of TCCM when disconnecting the battery.
This has happened to me 3 times costing about $175 each time because only Dodge can do it.
Many dealers no longer have the liscence for the tool so you are SOL if you can’t find a dealer who has it.
Now for the brakes.
Both of my Dakotas are quad cab and both have had failures to the front disc.
They are substandard and will easily warp when towing and or driving in the mountains.
I fixed the problem by going to grooved and drilled rotors.
Now for the brake system.
Check to see if the proportioning valve is still available for that truck.
There are most likely two and one is under the M. Cylinder near fire wall. It is connected electronically and needs to be activated when bleeding the brakes.
The dealer and myself worked for days trying to get the brakes to bleed and give a good pedal.
Come to find out the valve was bad and wasn’t opening.
I could only find a used one on EBay that took care of the problem.
Other than those items and maybe a few minor problems thus has been a good truck.
Plenty of power. 4.7 , rides great and performs well in snow and towing.
To conclude:
If it’s 2 wd pass. Price is too high.
If 4 wd and condition is good check everything out real good and buy it.
Take a real good look at transmission fluid taking multiple sticks and look at the condition of the fluid.
Ask when the fluid was changed and what brand. If not Mopar then pass. I hate paying dealer prices but that stuff is key to maintaining that tranny.

Retired mechanic USPS.

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Got around to fixing the brakes. I found the RR brake was missing pin that holds the pad in and the springs, top washer retainer were backwards. 🤨
Fronts had stripped caliper bolts on the driver side. The top bolt was actually missing.
Picked up some oversized bolts $24ea.
Hopefully the holes aren't too wallowed out and these fix it.
Luckily the rotors are good.

Next on the list is O2 sensors then upper ball joints and tires.
A couple of suggestions on installing the oversized bolts a O2 sensors.

Use a counter sink bit or oversized drill bit and slightly taper the holes.
Slowly turn the new bolt in and out and then repeat until you have a good start of threads. Then take it completely out and add a little lube to the bolt. Now continue until completed in. Now remove and add some anti seize and put it together.
As for the O2 sensors. Make sure you have a good sensor wrench and make sure to soak the old sensors down real good with PB Blaster or a penetrating oil of your choice.
The sensors are known to strip out into the pipe bung.
I found an old open end cheap motorcycle wrench that would fit on both sides of the sensors.
Flatten the end of the tips of the wrench to at as a wedge to get under the edge of the sensor creating outward pressure. Slowly screw the sensor out while driving the wrench further into the sensor.
Really let the sensor soak and spray it numerous times while doing something else. In fact if you can spray it multiple times and then let it set overnight and spray it some more even better.
Turn it in and out a little at a time back and forth until your sure it loose enough to get it out.
Good luck and let’s hope you have a smooth time of it.
Retired mechanic
50 years experience.
I know a lot but certainly not it all.

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Sent it to a shop to have the two (came with truck) 02 upper sensors replaced.
All was good for a few miles, then the light came on again. This time a new code PO154.
Took it back and he thinks it could be the ecm or other.
Note))) the lower 02's haven't been replaced yet, not sure how old they are.
He referred me to another diagnostic place that could get more in depth. Said it could be as simple as a broken wire or worse .
Hope I don't have to sell this truck.
Lets hear your input.
Check this all out.
Dodge Dakota P0155: O2 Sensor – Heating Element Failed (Bank 2 – Sensor 1) | Drivetrain Resource

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Are you sure the two sensors that came with the truck for the upper O2.
If they are in the wrong location they will most likely send a code.

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And the code you are getting is for the passengers side located before the Converter.
I don’t think those O2 sensors are real expensive. I would leave the rear ones alone for now.
Change the Passenger front with a known new correct sensor.
If it trips a code again. Label the sensor you removed and save it.
Then look for other causes.
But..... If it works without tripping the code throw the removed sensor away. Far away.
This is all just a suggestion. You should be able to get under the truck and easily change it out since it has been recently replaced.
Just make sure it’s cooled down completely.

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Also: while your under there check the wiring harness as far up as possible looking for burnt or rubbed wires that may be grounding out somewhere.
I doubt that is your problem tho.
Based on your comments you say when the code is cleared you have to drive it a while before the code appears.
If this is shortly after you start it and the code appears it may be a bad wire or plug. If it takes a while for the code to appear then it’s most likely the O2 sensor.
Please keep us informed on your findings.
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