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Hello All,

I own a 2001 dakota quad cab sport w/ 5.9L V8. The exhaust was originally a california emissions exhaust with one large CAT back and two smaller forward CATs on the y-pipe. The two front CATs each had one O2 sensor front and one behind. Fronts are for fuel/air mix. The rears are monitors. The larger CAT back had none. What I have done is replaced the front two CATs with straight pipe and they Y down to the larger CAT back which I have replaced with a new CAT to keep it "seemingly" emissions legal. The four O2 sensors are bolted into the foward of the y-pipe in their respective postions minus the CATS. The single pipe out the rear of the truck now has a cherry-bomb muffler on and everything runs and sounds fantastic. However, the check engine light is on and upon reading the code it shows CAT deficiency because of the two rear monitor O2 sensors reading no CATS. Is there any way possible without negatively affecting my improved fuel milleage or adding CATs again to get the check engine light to shut off? Will looping the two rear O2 sensors do this? Or is there and home remedy to "trick" the senors and computer to not read the non-CAT code? Maybe a device that can plug-in and reprogram the computer? Thanks for your help in this. Its racking my brain here.

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