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Hey everyone!

I need some help here. I have an 07' Dakota and I need to find an access point in the firewall for an amp power cable. Right now I cannot find a factory hole in the firewall but I don't think I know where to look. I owned a couple GM trucks in the past and those were very easy to run a power cable through the firewall because you could see the hole right when you popped the hood.

In my truck, I pop the hood and it is a V6 btw but still the engine bay is really crammed. I really need help locating an access point to go through the firewall. I REALLY do not want to have to drill through the wall in anyway, I have no experience in that whatsoever, plus I don't want to drill into something vital ya know?

I would love to see some photos of how you guys have your amp power cable ran in a 3rd gen dakota. I posted this same question on another dakota forum but no answers yet. I did read there was a 2-3 inch diameter hole near the brake booster but I am not seeing it.

Please help anyone, I really need help with this!!
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