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Hello Forum Buddies,

So as my first mod I decided to put in 10000k HID's.

So I put the HID's in with a relay harness and they work, but we have a small annoying problem.

I think its safe to say that the size of our bulbs are H13.
My HID functions are switched. My night driving lights are the regular halogen bulb, and my high-beam bulb is the HID's. How do I fix that?
Also when i have the car turned on, but not in any gears (reverse,drive,etc) the HID's work fine (in high-beam). But when I put the car in a gear (reverse,drive,etc) and have my lights switch to daydriving lights (the first option) my ballast's will make a loud buzzing noise, louder than normal, and the HID's will flicker then shutoff. But still making the same loud buzzing noise as the HID's are off.

Anyone had this problem?

I had an idea of what the problem could be, i'm using 35watt ballast maybe changing it to 55watt ballasts would do the trick?
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