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How find and install rear window

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I'm working with the U.S. military in England and bought a 1997 Dakota SLT from someone that got sent to Bahrain. The main problem with it is he had broken the rear window, both the center sliding window and the fixed driver's (port) side rear window. I had a trip scheduled to the U.S. and while there went to a pull-a-part yard and removed those 2 rear windows from a 1997 Dakota and mailed them back to England. Unfortunately my 1997 is different. In the junkyard Dakota they were held in with fasteners. Little screws under a lip below the window outside the cab allowed plastic strips to slide out then the windows came out. In my Dakota the remnants of the broken windows appear to be glued in. They seem to be glued to a aluminum frame with a rubber seal around the entire rear window. Worse, the center rear window from the junkyard Dakota is taller so won't fit my Dakota. The fixed driver's side rear window appears to be the same size as best I can eyeball it, but is glued in to my Dakota. Does anyone here know how many sizes rear windows 1997 Dakota's had? Did I just 50/50 get the wrong size? Can I glue in the fixed piece if I manage to scrape off all the old glass from the aluminum frame? Can I get a new rubber seal that goes around the entire window as that will have to be replaced too I think? Obviously here in England nobody knows anything about Dakotas and I can't just go to a junk yard and get more windows. UK body shops even if they would work on it are very expensive (everything in England seems more expensive than the U.S.). Any help appreciated.
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