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In the last several weeks I've had to jump the battery 3x and put on trickle charger 2x.

I've removed all the panel fuses, one by one, with and without the alternator attached, and not seen any difference. I was convinced it might be something with the IOD, but upon further testing, now I'm not sure--it initially draws 0.36 amps, but about 10 seconds later drops to 0.10. In my stupidity I wasn't keeping the voltmeter on long enough.

Truck has new starter installed in July; alternator checks out fine.

But I'm admittedly weak with mechanics and woefully dumb with electronics.

2nd edit: back to square one after realizing IOD will drop after 10 seconds. At the onset of this situation, the first thing I did was check the battery, clean the posts and connectors. Didn't make a difference.

Any advice greatly appreciated.
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