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Im new to this type of work on cars, but not stupid.

I took out my 3.9l in my dakota from 02 and my friend hade an durango whit an 318 around the same years as my dakota.
I changed engine and pcm, but did keep the wireharness from my durango. I added injector cables for the missing injectors.

Everything are done but the truck did not start, i disconnect the fuel line and i have fuel to the injectors, collected the fuel in a pop bottle. I pored the the fuel in the airintake and i turned the key, the truck started whitout problem as soon as i turn the key.

I dont have the truck where i live and dont have internet where the truck are, so a few questions before i go there.

1. If i dont have ann injections pules, what should i cheack?
2. How big are the chances that all injectors are bad so noone works?
3. Leave every tip you like, im interested and this are fun.

The engine has stand for over 2 years.
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