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Oh it's tunable but you have to hire that out if you can't run the tune sequence yourself.
It may have limitations even so.
I take it you are trying to take the computer right out of the picture.
I do know that you cannot keep the same psi for fuel delivery to a carb as that with efi.
A carb runs around 8 psi while the efi is around 48.
An alternative is to see if there is any Holley Sniper type fuel injection available as this gentleman used but you notice he fabbed his own intake.
There isn't much available for this engine.
Even the V8 stuff is slowly dying out in favor of the hemi swap.
Otherwise you'll need to rip out all of the stock wiring and I mean all of it and get a controller from Leash Electronics to run things with a rewire.
You hit the nail right on the head with taking the computer completely out of the picture. The 87's used a carb intake, all I've gotta do is re-drill the holes for the intake (which I'm already doing anyway for the magnum 3.9 I'm putting in the 88). I know for a fact that there are people out there who've frankenstined a distributor together with various other mopar parts and made it work, as there's evidence in forums that it has worked, and very well despite it being an odd-fire V6. Problem is that video proof of it actually working or not has yet to surface, which is what I plan to provide. And if it doesn't work? Oh well, get a custom reluctor made to make it work with the odd-fire. I've sunk too much time into this just to "SwAp A v8 InTo It".
101 - 102 of 102 Posts