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I just bought a 2003 Dakota Quad Cab 4x4. I love these 2nd Gen Daks. Not new to Dodge or the Dakota. I’m kind of a Dodge nut. See my profile info. I like other brands to, but I’ve found many Dodge Vehicles just give off a special vibe when I drive them.

I owned a 2000 SLT CC in Amber Fire from 2002-2015. Longest I’ve owned a vehicle. It got hit and I didn’t want to Salvage title it so I gave it up. 😭

I’ve also been on the site for a while stalking a bit. Haven’t gotten around to introducing myself: my name is Hasan, I’m 44, live in Portland and I’m a Cancer. I like long drives in the woods at sunset, the more dirt the better. Very romantic 😆.

Anyway, I joined last year when I was looking for another Dak but ended up buying a RWD Ram 2500. I like the Ram but I really needed a 4x4 and it’s just way more truck than I need. So I bought another Dak. Planning to sell the Ram soon.
Have a nice day.
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