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And Dakota till I die. The perfect truck. 3rd Gen- most interior space in a mid-size pick-up. Only vehicle in the segment to offer a v8 option. Best in class towing. Best in class hauling. Hand assembled in Warren, MI, USA. Nuff said...

Got mine in 07, with 27,000 miles. Been drivin it ever since, now at 86,000. Perfect for me and my family. I love my old-lady and my boy. ASE certified A4 & A5, I worked as a mechanic for 6 years before moving to inside sales down in southern California. I'm glad I don't come home stinking like 80w-90 anymore, but I love messin around with my truck on the weekends.

Recently installed a Ready Lift 2" leveling kit.
Projects in the works include a homemade CAI and Five-o Black Ops injectors. LSD

Other than that...I keep it stock. Still rolls on OE steels, just bought another set of Wrangler SR-As and damn they are expensive! But the truck handles great. Haulin' ass to Havasu or headin up 395, I just tap that tow/haul button and blow by whatever is in my way. Truck gets the crap beat out of it and still starts up every time I put the key in the ignition, for that I believed I should sign up for DakotaForumZ!

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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