Mileage:155000 M
Engine:3.9 V6
Selling a 1988 Dodge Dakota V6 3.9l 4x4, regular cab long bed pickup that we were gifted. Have signed title in hand, that we can hand over for cash payment. Truck has expired plates.

TL;DR old farm truck, know the original owner's daughter. Runs, but not well, did some work but I'm not interested in this as another project when I have the house to fix up still. We just want to recoup our costs.

We were given it because it didn't run, trailered it home and replaced fuel, air and oil fluids and filters. Has about 5 gallons (quarter tank) of new gas. Found one faulty spark plug wire, replaced the whole set. Replaced all the fan belts, because two were missing. It runs OK, but sometimes smokes and seems underpowered. It's stalled out on me a few times in gear, so there may be transmission torque converter issues. It also got over temp testing it in my driveway, so the thermostat is possibly seized or it just lacked enough draw with the fan at idle.

electrical: There are a few issues with the lighting system, signals etc. It also reads no oil pressure on the dash, so the sending unit probably needs replaced. Radio works, no clue on the cassette though.