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awesome I remembered my login info!


Ive since handed down my 06 4x4 with the 4.7 crew to my son. the truck did what I needed over the years... but... its been anything but ideal. shes a squeaky rattlebox. currently rusting to nothing.on fenders and door corners.(bought it used, made poor choice oh well) Year or so ago-cv joint snapped on the road. completely... pulled it out and tossed it. been letting my son drive it to school like that lol the front end is a squeak fest. A week ago, he said he needed front brakes...so i ordered some, Yesterday he called me and said his truck would barely move.... front right caliper seized :( so were fixing that this week... I used the truck awhile back to move a bed. got horrible gas mileage that explains it.

reason for the thread: Noticed the power steering cap is missing.No clue where it went.... went to auto parts store. Grabbed the one that said "dodge/chrysler" looked right to me. nope doesnt fit. Returned, asked for advice from the desk jockey, "we cant get one" With a brief look online... 50 dollars for a cap! GTFOH

ok so what gives what am i looking for? universal 15 dollar jobbie....

thanks for reading!
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