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Hey everyone. I just got my '04 dakota SLT quad cab last night (without the infinity system). I am looking to upgrade the stereo. I have an alpine CDE-123 headunit all ready that i'm going to be installing as soon as my wiring harness and dash kit come (looks like you have to take the whole dash board apart, so that should be fun, haha). Then I also want to put some better speakers in and think about a sub.

I actually was just listening to the radio this morning in my truck and turned the bass up and it was pretty decent, i was suprised, but I figured some aftermarket speakers only make it better. So, I was wondering what you all suggest (I heard focal 6.75" are a good, somewhat cheap speaker that you don't need an additional amp to power).

Also, i was looking for bass options. I have always had subs and don't know if I can get used to music without it, so I was looking at options. I saw the MTX custom fitted powered sub in a box that says it'll fit behind the rear seat. Was wondering if anyone has this and how it sounds (loud or not?). I've also seen several dakota's that have taken out the 60 seat in the back and put in a second 40 seat and then put in a sub box between the two seats. Is this easy to do? Can you just unbolt the 60 seat and get a 40 seat and bolt it right in, or does it take a lot of modifying?

Any info would be much appreciated! Thanks!
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