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New here, has some questions needing answered!

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Hi im new here, me and my dad just bought a 94 ext. cab with 160K miles with a 318 off a friends. The truck ran great but on the way home the truck died out of the blue. driving the truck before it quit, the oil pressure was in the safe mark, but wasn't as high as i liked it to be. it wouldnt restart, when we pulled over and checked fan belts to see if the motor would turn by hand but wouldn't. the starter would work but wouldn't turn motor over. The motor didn't make any noise or prior indications of motor issues. the only thing we know about it is the transfer case is bad(think the chain is wore out). Any thing you could tell us about it would be appreciated.

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Welcome to the Z Family from Southern Georgia!
Glad you decided to join us.
Look for Carverman; he usually stops by daily. He should be able to help.
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