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I've a '04 dakota 3.7L V6, 164K. I'd like to keep it running as a fishing/hunting rig. Doesn't need to go far or fast but I'd like to keep it functional.

After smelling burnt crap in my exhaust for months and needing to add more oil more frequently, it started kicking bluish smoke at stop signs (especially downhill stops). Figured my poor maintenance had led to damaged rings but read of other issues causing oil in the system. No oil in the coolant or coolant in the oil. No smoking right at cold start.

Noticed lots of sludge/burnt residue in throttle body. Replaced PCV valve - still smoking.

Removed and replaced intake manifold (refurbished) and manifold gaskets (new). Found three places where air hoses had split, 1) between throttle body and pcv, and on both crankcase breather hoses at the engine (90 degree elbows). Replaced all damaged air hoses hoping they were the cause of oil in the intake.

Cleared the codes, re-pressurized the fuel system and started it up. Idled for 10 min, started smoking after warmed up but this time a whiter smoke. Check engine light came on when shifted to drive. Code P0138 & P0158 which seem to indicate either my O2 sensor is bad or I'm running a fuel rich mixture.

Read letting it idle a few minutes in drive then turning on A/C on high for a few minutes can help reset idle air control. Didn't change the now constant smoke coming from tailpipe.

My oil pressure gauge periodically drops to 0 for a few seconds then recovers even though oil level is adequate.

My question is what have I done to my air/gas mix?

Could I have damaged my Idle Air Control valve when cleaning the inside of the throttle body with carb cleaner?

Is this a problem caused by improper re-installation of the fuel injectors? I don't see/smell excess fuel around them, but they gave me some hassle. Not getting codes related to them specifically.

Or is this a computer related issue I should be aware of but am not because I am absolutely an amateur mechanic? Am I chasing the right rabbit here?
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