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I just bought a 02 sxt quad cab 5.9... its got a couple problems
that being said,
1)im getting around 9-10 mpg.
I knew mileage would be bad, just not this bad.
anyone else with a 5.9 quad cab that could tell me their
mileage? or if this is average mileage for this engine?
2)my engine light came on last week.
ever since then my trucks been completely cutting out,
shutting off randomly. Both in park in my driveway letting her
warm up, and at about 1600rpm doing 45mph. She completely
shuts off and rolls, no lights come up on the dash, and all my
lights(inside and outside) stay the same.
previous owner gave me plug wires that he was going to do
but never got around to it, I also just got plugs to change too
but haven't done it yet. has anyone had this happen? heard of
this happening? or have any idea as to what it could be?
3) I was doing around 40mph and jumped on the gas to test
her out. I got up to around 60 and she started chugging/hiccupping/
bogging really rough, I immediately let off the gas and slowed down,
but have no idea as to whats wrong.
4) we ran codes on the light, came up as o2 sensor,
catalytic converter, engine misfire in #2,#3,#4, and engine oil leak into fuel.

any help is appreciated, Thanks Ben

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Hello and welcome!

Good to have you with us, I hope you enjoy the board! :)
You might try posting your question here where the more mechanical minded people will see it and better your chances for an answer.
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