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1994 Dakota Sport-- First time anything happened I was decelerating to take a turn, downshifted to third. All of a sudden my oil light came on my pressure gauge bottomed out like I had dropped the pan. Didn't hear anything and it was night and I was in the middle of nowhere so I had to keep going. As I accelerated, the pressure returned to normal, and the light went off. It has since started happening more frequently-- usually when I decelerate or fully stop. I put in some STP oil treatment and that stopped the problem temporarily but it's unavoidable now.

Is it the Pressure Switch? or the Pump itself? Big difference on repairs.

I am ready to do the switch if so, but I need to be able to find it any I cant find any diagrams. Anybody know where to look for the switch?

3.9L Magnum V6
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