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Correct, that is the front differential vent hose, and is good where it comes up inside the engine compartment, with the white "capsule" in the end of it.

Where it goes is to a fitting on top of the differential or axle tube, to equalize pressure from within that drive system, so you do not blow seals and get water/contaminants into the case.

Look up a parts view of the front differential for your year/make/model truck, and it will show you the nipple it should be attached to on the case.

Also, get down under your truck, and look around on the top of the case or axle tube near where the tube will extend close to the axle/case, and you should easily find where it should be attached.

Might need a mirror, or a wand type inspection camera, to see into those tight spaces.

Possible there might be part of that nipple broke off and still in the bottom end of the tubing, if it has been damaged, and you may need to replace that piece on the differential case/axle tube itself.

It could be plastic, maybe metal, could be just pressed in, or could be threaded.

If threaded, you might take the broken piece out of the case, go to any local hardware store, to find a threaded barb fitting to put back in that vent hole.

IF....it is threaded, probably cheaper than OEM repair part.

Good luck!
1 - 1 of 6 Posts