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I had to replace my rear drums/shoes/hardware because the pass side self adjuster malfunctioned and this caused the secondary shoe to over adjust and rub down too much and start locking up that wheel. After replacing everything the driver side started having issues (there were no issues prior). The shoes will not center and you can push on them to get them to look center, but they spring right back. After investigation appears issue with parking brake spring inside the wheel. I looked further and appears the intermediate cable is missing from the driver side and there is also no where to hook a new intermediate cable to the tensioner. I also cannot find any pics on the net to show if/where the driver side would even hook to the tensioner. I've attached an old pic prior to replacing the shoes/hardware, new pic, tensioner and also where I attempted to wire back the driver parking brake cable to see if this would help (it didn't) - brakes are still out of center and causing lock up/shimmy. I can't find any part numbers for a "hook" that would attach to the existing tensioner, either.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Also, anyone else that has an '01 if they can climb under their truck and take some pics of the parking brake lines, that would help, too.

Thanks for your help,



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