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I've replaced the original radio to this truck just a year ago with bosses BV8970B touch screen radio.

I've recently had some problems with it. About a couple months ago I was driving with it turned up about 4/5s of the way up then I smelled a strong yet brief burning smell a second later radio shut off.

I tinkered with it a few days later and found that it will turn on and when I tinker with the sound dial I can hear the ticks it makes as it turns up or down and the sound did increase and decrease as usual and all of the other buttons will make the tick noise as they should as well, the only problem, the LCD display will not display anything. Just a black screen. I've tried grounding the parking sensor wire, restart the radio, check all of the wiring, and then the fuse. None of which changed anything and the fuse and wiring was just fine. About a month and a half before this happened a speaker wire came out of place and touched the positive. I only noticed sound reduction and an occasional reoccurring noise and I promptly turned off the radio after this went on for 5 minutes. After i figured out the problem i hooked them back up and the whole system ran just fine. I'm guessing that event could have damaged the radio but I'm not sure.

So I'm wondering if there is anything else I can try. Please, any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for reading
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