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abs and parking brake light came on. After some inspection found that the fluid was really low in the reservoir. I filled it up and the lights went out. But this fluid doesn't get low unless the pads, all of them are really bad. So I pulled one of the rear wheels, the inside was dripping with brake fluid.

Turns out the brake cylinder was leaking, you tube had some great videos and this site had some great how to's to replace the pads.

What I realized after disassembling the whole pad set up was the cylinder can be replaced (or rebuilt) with out taking everything off. Mental note for other side when it starts leaking.

Symptoms were low fluid level and a spongy pedal. i bought a rebuild kit for $5 but it was 3/4 while I had a 1 inch cylinder. Eventually just replaced the cylinder for $10. I spent more on brake cleaner than cylinder and cylinder parts.

Rebuild looked super easy, replace took awhile to line up the hard piped hose with out cross threading.

Did a few hard stops and slow stops to reset the pads. Everything seems to be fine now.

Hope this helps some one else this the ABS and emergency brake lights on.
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