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2000 Dodge Dakota SLT Quad Cab 4wd 4.7v8
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Hello all
Oldfart1979 here. I bought a 2000 Dakota SLT quad cab with a 4.7L 4wd about a month ago. Now the kid I bought it from told me the head gaskets went. Ok. I gave him 800 for it. With over 186k on the truck I figure it would ber better to rebuild the engine. Never know if the engine overheated or if there was any damage to the bottom end. Anything I should watch out for?
I plan on rebuilding the transmission & transfer case afterwards when i have the money.
I was surprised to find that the frame was in great shape. For the most part. The tail end crossmember had rotted on the passenger's side. My son is a welder and we are thinking of cutting it all out and building a new crossmember with 4"x4" square stock. That wad the only issue I've found with the frame. The body however...
I'll need passenger's side fender, repair driver's side rocker panel, and replaced the whole bed.
So I've got a fun project to do.
I've hit 235/75r15 on it now. I want to put on 31x10.5r15 on it instead. Think there will be clearance issues in the front end?

Thanks for any hints, suggestions, advice, or anything.
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